Youngtimer Camp Car Orienteering
28.07.2018 Laitse Harjumaa
TIMETABLE: 10:00-14:40 Sign-up at the event
14:40-14:55 Information session
15:00 Start
19:00 Finish
START and FINISH: Laitse Rally Park Hingu, 76312 Harju maakond
COMPETITION TYPE: Selectional adventure orienteering.
EQUIPMENT: Good mood, activewear, Android smart phone for locating points and looking up information if needed.
TEAM SIZE: 1-5 members.
TIME: 3,5 hours. Every minute over the set time will cost the team one minus point. More then 30 minutes over – team doesn’t qualify and only sees the result. Listed at the end of the result list.
STARTING FEE: Until 21.07 - 10 Euros per team member. From 22.07
- 15 Euros per team member.
Participation fee can be paid at the event in cash or via bank transfer to the account of Seiklusministeerium OÜ - Swedbank: EE382200221051575334.
1. Cars participating have to have a valid overhaul and insurance. The driver must have a valid driving license.
2. Participants sign an agreement before the competition, confirming they are responsible for their own well-being and are aware of the risks and dangers involved.
3. The competition is held in one category - YoungTimer
4. The competition is held on public roads of Harjumaawith beautiful views driving by scenic forests and fields. The length of the competition roads is 100-120km.
5. An Android application is used for competition results and speed checks. Each participating group must have one Android appliance (at least version 4.1) with GPS capacity. The phone must be charged and hold out the duration of the competition. If needed, the group must ensure the possibility to charge the appliance during the competition. Lost points due to the appliance not having enough battery cannot be disputed.

6. Description of the competition: Consists of up to 60 checkpoints. The checkpoints are worth 3.5 and 7 points. At the beninning of the competition, participants are provided with a map and a key for it. The aim of the participants is to collect as many points as possible within the given time (3.5h). The checkpoints can be gone through in no particular order and number. Each checkpoint will have an answer to the question written on the map key. The key also has multiple choice answers, each answer assigned with a letter. The letter must be entered into the application on the phone.
7. Points can only be collected in the correct checkpoint or in a 100m radios of it.
8. In case of drawed point results, the speed will be accounted for.
9. Following traffic regulations is mandatory! Driving is only allowed on official roads. Driving next to roads and on greeneries is prohibited!
10. The general speed limit throughout the competition is 90km/h, however – areas with different speed limits (30, 40, 50, 70 km/h) are marked on the map where the speed limit must be followed. Each identified violation of the speed limit will cost 5 points for the team.
11. The results of the competition are announced immediately after the race and three best results will be awarded.
12. All questions unanswered in this guide will be resolved by the competition lead at the start of the event. Kõik
13. ORGANISED BY: Seiklusministeerium OÜ. Info:
or phone nr +372 52 268 95 (Joonas).