1. Competition information:
    1.1. The competition takes place 07. July 2019 on the track of LaitseRallyPark. Track length: 850m
    1.2. Schedule of the race: 09:30-16:00
     9:00 - 9:30 registration for race and track introduction by walking.
     9:30 - 16:00 competition

    1.3. Sign-up on the website:

2. Organisers and judges
    2.1 Organiser - Meelis Raudleht +37251413942.2
2.2.1. Competition guide - Siimo Suvemaa
    2.2.2. Head of timing - Sten Suvemaa

3. Categories, participants
    3.1. Competition ranks:
3.1.1. Engine up to 1600cc
    3.1.2. Engine from 1601cc to 2000cc
    3.1.3. Engine over 2001cc
    3.1.4 Sport (Rollcages and racing tires)

3.2. Participants - The competition is open to everyone.

4. Participation fees.
4.1. Participation fee for track day is 30 eur.
5. Awards
    5.1 The best of a competition rank will be awarded with a trophy.

6. Competition details
6.1. The races are organized in free waiting line. You can try as many times you want in race time.
6.2. The race takes place on the track of LaitseRallyPark.
6.3. The start of a round is timed. The start is indicated traffic light turning green. Starts take place according to the timetable when earlier competitor has finished the lap.
6.4. The finish is marked by the waving of the black-white checkered flag which ends the round for the driver. After finishing the round, the driver must slow the vehicle and return to their assigned box.

7. Results
    7.1. The end result will be the best lap time in which ever round.
    7.2. In the case of the best times being equal for two participants, the second round result will be taken into account.

8. Safety
    8.1. All participants must wear a helmet. If you do not have one we can rent it for you.
    8.2. All participants must wear clothing covering their body - long sleeves and pants.
    8.3. All participants are liable for their own and others’ health and safety. All participants will fill our the own liability declaration.
    8.4. No passengers allowed in the competition cars when racing.
    8.5. In service area you must have at least 3x5 meter water and oil proof mat under your car.

9. Technical requirements
    9.1. No loose objects in the car
    9.2. The seat must be properly sealed and the seat belt must work its purpose.
    9.3. The car has to be visually proper and technically in shape.
    9.4 Tires allowed must be legal for road use. Otherwise car is categorized as Sport vehicle.