Youngtimer Camp 2019 -Youngtimer Rally instructions.   

Youngtimer Rally is a regularity drive, named “rally” in the instructions. Any connection to rally racing does not exist. It is fun time-speed-distance drive on Estonian roads. Rally is driven according to “teekonnaraamat” - road book. Path is marked by symbols in the road book and distance to crossroads or a corner. All distances have been measured based on GPS. If the road book does not give you direction on distance then drive on the main road. If the main road is not understandable drive straight. At all times obey traffic laws and regulations, there are no exceptions.
The vehicle used must have valid insurance and technical inspection.
Main idea of the rally is to pass all check points ( KP ) in the allowed time. Section times are marked in the road book. In a check point ( KP ) you must find an correct answer to a question and mark it on check page in the road book. Every correct answer gives +1 point. Time driven is checked in time check points (AKP), these are in or near a vehicle marked by “000” number. You must reach time check point within a one minute mark. Time is marked in one minute ( 14:35:00 – 14:35:59 is marked 14:35 ). Correct arrival time gives +10 points. Every minute late subtracts 1 point. Every minute early subtracts 10 points. Maximum points subtracted for being over ten minutes early is -100. Biggest amount of points to get in this rally is 51 points.
Special tests results are added to that. If the best scores are the same the winner is the one that answers additional questions about the rally correctly. To get your arrival time marked in a time check point you must give the road book being outside the vehicle. The time is marked according to a clock in the cellular phone of the person marking the time.
On the road there can be secret time check points, additional tests and locations where you can be observed for traffic violations. Every traffic violation gives -10 points.
Dangerous driving and severe traffic law violation means automatic end of your drive and your point score is not checked. In the start your vehicle gets a rally number on the right upper corner of the windscreen. Results can be protested. Protest must be written and a tax for protest is a 6-pack. Protest location in the nearest recycling bin. The protest is managed according to local waste management laws. In case you end your drive before the finish, let the organizer know.
Contact – Jaak Aibast -  Competition information:  +37251919329.

The competition takes place 27. July 2019 on the roads near LaitseRallyPark. Track length: 115km.

 Schedule of the race: 08:00-11:00
 7:30 - 8:00 registration for race.
 8:00 - 11:00 competition
Sign-up on the website:

Participation fee for race is 30 eur.
The best three of a competition rank will be awarded.