Youngtimer Camp 2020 is a event for your whole family. Good atmosphere is guaranteed! On spot there is a catering for food and handicraft shops. On that day LaitseRallyPark children’s area and traffic city, go-kart center and other services are also opened.

Youngtimer Camp 2020 will be hosted by Raiko Ausmees.

The event for the registered car and the driver is free of charge.

Tickets for adults are 10€, children under 12 years old are free.

Parking is 2€ (cash only).

Time schedule:

09:00 gates will be opened for exhibitors

09:00-11:30 admission for the exhibitors

11:30 gates will be opened for the visitors

12:00 start of the event and welcome speech

09:00-13:00 on-site registration for Youngtimer ’Time Attack’ (for pre-registration before 12 noon on July 24, the participation fee is 30 € per competitor, from 24 July at 12.01 by registration or on the spot there is a participation fee of 50 € per competitor)

14:00-17:00 awarding the best and the most outstanding Youngtimer Camp exhibitors and Youngtimer ’Time Attack’ best drivers

17:30 The end of Youngtimer Camp 2020

See you on 25th of July 2020 at Youngtimer Camp!