Youngtimer Camp 2022 exhibition area is planned in two different sections:

1. Exhibition area that will remain unchanged throughout the Youngtimer Camp event. The registered cars in the exhibition are placed correctly in the area and each car participating will have information about the car for visitors to see.

2. Youngtimer Camp has its own Youngtimer parking lot, so when you are coming to the event with your own car that is more than 25 years old there will be a free parking lot next to a permanent exhibition.

PS! This year, the registration fee for each exhibition car is 10€.
Upon arrival to the event, the participant will receive an exclusive gift, assembled for the 5th year of the organisation, to express the gratitude of the organisers for the participation. Regarding the payment of the participation fee, we will send
an e-mail to confirmed participants, chosen and approved by our management team.


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